Frog Allard changes into a human. In his human life, as succesful lawyer Allard, he starts showing frog-like qualities. When he starts to alienate from society, he decides to go back to the swamp to find the frog inside himself.

Directors & screenplay: Coen Eigenraam & Jeroen van 't Hullenaar
Producer: Els Vandevorst, Loes Komen and Eva Verweij - N279 Entertainment & Room for Film Co-producer: NTR



BEFORE DARK (short film, 2018)

In this coming of age story, an ambitious 20-year old (Olaf) tries to arrange a big birthday party for his father who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Director: Marit Weerheijm
Screenplay: Jolein Laarman & Marit Weerheijm
Producer: Els Vandevorst, Loes Komen and Eva Verweij - N279 Entertainment & Room for Film
Cast: Mistral Guidotti, Sam Louwyck



Brimstone is an epic thriller set in the old west. A triumphant tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against a violent past that refuses to fade.

Director: Martin Koolhoven
Screenplay: Martin Koolhoven
Producer: Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL), Uwe Schott – X-Filme (GER)
Co-Producer: Paul Trijbits – FilmWave (UK)- Antonino Lombardo – Prime Time (BE), Manuel Chiche – The Jokers Films (FR), Peter Hiltunen – Dragon Films (SE) 
Sales Agent: Embankment Films
Distributor NL: Paradiso Filmed Entertainment



An eccentric multimillionaire signs an agreement to have his life ended. While selecting his coffin he meets a young woman who has signed up for the same arrangement. Trouble ensues when the couple falls in love and wishes to get out of the contract.

Director: Mike van Diem
Screenplay: Mike van Diem
Producer: Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL), Mike van Diem – Spinkaker Productions (NL) & Hans de Weers – FATT Productions (NL)
Co-Producer: Antonino Lombardo – Prime Time (BE), Macdara Kelleher & Morgan Bushe – Fastnet Films (IE), Michael Eckelt – Riva Film (GE)
Sales Agent: Content Film
Distributor NL: A-Film



Francoфonia is the story of a moment in history, the story of two remarkable men, enemies then collaborators, whose collaboration would be the driving force behind the preservation of museum treasures and a few of the many artworks despoiled from the Jews.

Director: Alexander Sokurov
Screenplay: Alexander Sokurov
Producer: Pierre-Olivier Bardet – Idéale Audience (FR)
Co-Producer: Thomas Kufus – Zero one film (GE), Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL)
Sales Agent: Films Boutique
Distributor NL: Contact Film


Dmitrij’s monotonous days drag on, between working in the courthouse and his solitary rock-climbing excursions. Dmitrij gradually begins to integrate his newly met friend Andrej in his fantasy world. Then Andrej vanishes. 

Director: Zaza Rusadze
Screenplay: Zaza Rusadze
Producer: Zaza Rusade – Zazarfilm (GE)
Executive Producer: Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL)
Sales Agent: Media Luna New Films

IT'S aLL SO QUIET (2013)

40-year-old farmer Helmer lives with his aged, bedridden father in the Dutch countryside. His working days are marked by the visits of milk collector Johan, a man of his own age for whom Helmer holds a secret fascination. 

Director: Nanouk Leopold
Screenplay: Nanouk Leopold
Producer: Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL), Stienette Bosklopper – Circe Films (NL)
Co-Producer: Herbert Schwering – Coin Films (DE)
Sales Agent: Films Distribution
Distributor NL: Cinéart


Nono wants to be like his father – the best police inspector of the world – but he gets into trouble all the time. Two days before his Bar Mitswah he’s send away to his uncle Sjmoel, in order to keep to the straight and narrow. However, during the train ride Nono gets a last chance to prove himself…

Director: Vincent Bal
Screenplay: Vincent Bal & Jon Gilbert
Producer: Burny Bos – BosBros (NL), Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL)
Co-Producer: Antonino Lombardo – Prime Time (BE)
Sales Agent: Attraction Distribution
Distributor NL: Benelux Film Distributors

KID (2012)

Seven-year-old Kid is happy and feels safe and protected with his Mom, even though it is not easy for her being a single mother. When Mom dies, Kid has to face his fears and insecurities. Little by little he gets freed from his surroundings and cherishes the hope to find Mom back.

Director: Fien Troch
Screenplay: Fien Troch
Producer: Antonin Lombardo – Prime Time (BE)
Co-Producer: Els Vandevorst – N279 Entertainment (NL), Jacques-Henri Bronckart – Versus Productions (BE) 
Sales Agent: Media Luna New Films
Distributor NL: Cinéart